Monday, April 23

There has been a stretch of the strangest weather in our area recently and all I can say is that this time between early spring and late spring is the most volitile, fickle and down right aggrivating time in the whole 12 months.

Normally this time of year gives me greif in one form or another, but this year...... St. Patrick's Day saw us applying sun screen while nearing the end of April has me breaking out the snow brush.
The yard is miserable. Plants, flowers, bushes and just about everything else is drooping and flattened under the weight of heavy, slushy snow/rain. The lilac bush lost two if its larger limbs and there is currently a small pond developing in the side yard.

I did not even let the chickens out of their coop today, which lead to some discontent on their part. If only they knew from what I was saving them. No one likes a soaking wet chicken. I gave them extra bread scraps.

Today was a day for staying in, stoaking the fire and eating foods that require pot holders. This weather is not letting up and we are the subject of news casts all across the country - "Winter returns with a vengeance in U.S. Northeast", "Late-season Nor'easter socks Northeast U.S.", "Winter Storm Pounds Eastern Great Lakes, N. Appalachians."

We're under there. Somewhere......

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