Tuesday, April 3

Rusty Buds, Much Mud and Cheese 101

The poor magnolia tree.... it is a sad sight. With the almost summer-like weather we had during the middle weeks of March, it had blossomed early and was looking beautiful. Everything had been fooled a little I think by the uncommonly warm weather. This year was the warmest St. Patrick's Day I can remember and our annual trip to the parade downtown amounted to loading up on sunscreen and shade umbrellas instead of the usual hats, coats, scarves and mittens. The weather brought out a record crowd to the parade - 150,000 - and there was no shortage of boisterous young men and girls acting and dressing like anything but young ladies.

The magnolia tree is now covered with severely wilted blooms in shades of rusty brown and I wonder if the tree will have anything left to flower when the real spring arrives. I just hope it has leaves this year.

Frost is predicted again tonight so I am going to bid farewell to the daffodils and hyacinth that have managed to hold on through the chill after being awakened prematurely.

Keeping with the depressing mood of this post, we had a load of firewood for next year delivered today and the truck managed to get stuck in our yard. 45 minutes and much, much mud later, they managed to extricate themselves from my side yard by tearing through the side field. The field now looks as if a Sherman tank was driven through it which will make trying to cut the tall grass next summer a bumpy challenge. As for my grass in the side yard.......

And finally, to round out the festivities around here, Roy decided to make cheese.

Given that I am the one who is usually the person to suggest such things, I was shocked to find a small cheese making kit arrive in the mail a few days ago. I am all for making your own with just about everything but for some reason dairy products scare me. Milk should be kept cold and in the fridge and should never be poured in a big pot and heated up. Chunks of who-knows-what start forming and it just can not be good for you.

Thinking about what my kitchen would look like when he was finished I offered to help so that I might not have to clean the ceiling. In order to do this the baby was present in her roller seat and the little man was "helping" as only a three year old with a fascination for kitchen tongs can.

Roy, as I have mentioned in the past, likes to take on fairly large and/or messy projects without thinking through all the aspects beforehand. This was also no exception to the trend and the cheese making supplies were emptied on the table and he started mixing things together.

Sentences like "Before you begin, have all your supplies ready", "read this first!", and anything involving the time it takes to do any step of the process might as well be written in invisible ink for all the attention that Roy pays to them.

In the end, I had to read everything, stop him from dumping numerous packets of things into a pot of warm milk, and do all the dishes.  I now have what looks like a small pasta strainer on my counter weighted down with free weights wrapped in plastic bags. There is a substance in the strainer that could possibly be some form of cheese, however I am almost positive it will not taste like cheese and will send Roy to either the bathroom or the hospital.

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  1. Ha! This cracked me right up! So do tell.....how did it turn out?