Friday, April 27

Record Lows and Velociraptors

I just filled both kettles on top of my wood stove with fresh water. They were both just about dry and the stove is roaring with heat tonight. They are predicting near record low temps and to expect some sort of precipitation before dawn. The coals are glowing hot with brilliant shades of orange, yellow and red and the square crackle pattern of the logs and their burning layers promise that this house will be warm at least until the early morning hours.

The record low is 25° set back in 1947.

Then I will be up, most likely with the baby in tow, making a bottle and adding wood to the hot coals. Tomorrow's weather is not looking all that spring-like either.

This weekend brings many tasks - stacking the rest of the firewood, moving the chickens portable pen, clearing all the downed limbs from last weeks winter weather reminder and finishing the soil spreading in the gardens. In addition, the mulch has arrived for the flower gardens and I am looking forward to spreading it. A cosmetic treat for my yard but something I enjoy immensely in that it makes everything look so orderly and gives my flower gardens an air of completion. I know that the whole summer will be a battle of weeds and wills, mulch or no mulch, but I count the spreading as a point on my side of the tally board.

Taking stock tonight with my feet up and covered by an afghan, I am thinking about my 7 new girls currently lounging under the heat lamp in the basement. They have already doubled in size and their brown feathers are just starting to show through the downy yellow fluff. I am always amazed at how fast chicks grow, but the most shocking part to me is how huge their feet are. Once as small as my thumbnail, they now resemble something from a prehistoric bird of prey. Their must be some truth to the theory that dinosaurs evolved into birds. I have 7 velociraptors eating chick starter downstairs.

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