Tuesday, April 24

The New Girls

The rational explanation:  I have lost a total of 5 chickens since we started raising them for eggs two years ago and I had to replace the losses and get some more egg-producing chickens in the game.

The real explanation: I really wanted more chickens and they were just too cute to pass up.

My 7 new ladies are currently peeping away in the basement in their own huge metal tank under the red heat lamp. Their arrival was kept secret from everyone in the household except the baby since I didn't think she would spill the beans. The little man would want to play with them and constantly be trying to get down into the basement if he knew they were there. All three cats would be looking at them like a McNugget happy meal and Roy would just be mad and/or annoyed.

Roy found them when he went to check on the new solar converter that he got so we could actually store and use the energy we produce from the solar, instead of only selling it back to the electric company.

He bluntly said "No More Chickens."

He then added "No More Goats. No More Cats. No More Dogs. No More Anything."
I promptly reminded that we did not, in fact, even have goats.

The new girls are all doing fine, except for a few cases of pasty butt, which I took care of with cotton balls, warm water and lots of patience. I tried this technique and it worked great.


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