Friday, April 27

Filling the Beds

Last week, before the weather started resembling mid-winter instead of mid-spring, the little man and I filled the two new raised beds with the soil that was delivered the day before. If there was ever a yard task that a three year old boy would want to help with, it would be something involving a huge pile of dirt.

Using wheel barrows, buckets and varrious shovels, we moved about half of the dirt pile to fill the two beds. The rest of the dirt will be spread on the existing gardens to boost the existing soil. Kind of like varrying the gene pool of dirt.

I added two bags of organic mushroom compost and one bag of manure to each bed and the little man helped me rake it in. I originally had these two new beds closer to the garden shed on the west side, but I decided that the beds would not get enough morning sun. So we moved them to a more open area where they will get a full days sunshine.

I also measured and cut the netting to put over the hoops when the time comes to keep the curious critters out of my lettuce. 

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