Monday, March 12

Things are Sprouting in the Basement....

I currently have one grow light humming away in the basement providing a nourishing glow to my broccoli seedlings. I am surprised how fast they germinated this year, but compared to the astronomically long germination time of green bell papers in the next flat over, anything seems fast.

I started the broccoli and peppers around the beginning of the month, along with rosemary, lavender and thyme. I am seeing the slightest bit of growth with the rosemary and the lavender so far.

Last week I started the marigold and nasturtium seeds for the hanging baskets I make now rather than buy. I will choose a few more varieties to start a little later to fill out the baskets.

Next to start: tomatoes..... (if you have been a reader since last spring, you know that they are my nemisis)


  1. I found a 4' florescent light yesterday in my Building, never been out of the box, that I made another seed starter out of. I am getting so excited!

  2. Clint - that is great! Those things can be pretty expensive! And I have found that instead of buying all specialty plant grow lights, you can get away with one specialty and one regular. Saves a little more money that way.

  3. How wonderful! I had planned on starting seeds this year...but didn't make it again.But each year I get closer....maybe next year will be the one! LOL Darlene