Friday, March 2

oh, good, it wasn't a spider.....

They are predicting heavy thunderstorms tonight along with winds strong enough to bring down the power lines. As it is well past dark here I can only sit and listen to the howling outside and wait for the pelting rain to tap rather forcefully against the windows. Tomorrow morning I will survey the damage which will probably amount to a ton of downed branches and all the recycling from the neighbors caught in my cedar bushes.

I am looking forward to a good storm, especially one with thunder. None of this drizzle and nonsense for me - if it's going to open up, let it come. I am ready.

After a day like today, I am ready for anything.

After about 3 hours of sleep total last night I was up before the sun with the little man who had a bad dream about his "little garden." This lead to me giving in and letting him watch a Curious George much too early in the day, which gets him off to a crabby start when I turn it off after the half hour is up. I hate having the television on before the sun comes up. Something about it just doesn't seem right - like I am committing some sort of blasphemy.

The baby was not far behind in waking and the day had begun. And it was meant to be a day of cleaning. A home inspection was happening today and the little man and I had a lot to do. We had just gotten started after the baby went down for her nap when I caught something out of the corner of my eye in the dining room. It looked like something fell from the ceiling and I was dreading another huge black spider in my house. Turns out it was just a drop of water..... oh, good, it wasn't a spider....

Wait, water should not be coming out of the dining room ceiling.

Old houses have their quirks. One of which is old plumbing that for some reason never got the replacement attention it deserved. I can imagine one of the old timers who lived here years ago taking a look and saying "Awww, that's good for another 30 years! I put that in myself after I came home from school walking three miles in 4 feet of snow. Uphill."

As a concerned wife looks on, the plumbing was ignored until the upstairs toilet decide to spring a leak. This morning.

I had a saggy, dripping ceiling to prove it. The little man was fascinated by the fact that potty water was coming out of the ceiling and he wanted to play with the bucket I had thrown under the drip.

The baby woke up and was crying, little man was getting his socks soaked on the wet carpet, and I was noticing how dangerously close the dripping area was to my antique china cabinet.

Within the next minute, I was on the phone with my neighbor up the street who happens to do home repairs. He was at our house 10 minutes later and he solved the leaking problem - the pipe that brings the water into the toilet was loose. So at least it wasn't used toilet water coming through the ceiling. Although "fresh toilet water" still doesn't sound all that much better.

The carpet was soaked but luckily we have carpet tile squares in that room. Since it is the only room in the house with carpeting, and we have a three year old, we like being able to take up one or two squares if an accident happens and replace them. I took up 10 dripping carpet squares and hauled them out onto the front porch. We dried the floor underneath as best as we could and put down new tiles out of our spare stash.

The ceiling had stopped dripping by this time and we did our best to get everything back in order. The inspector was coming at 2pm and we still have the kitchen, two bathrooms, and the front porch to clean up.

By this time little man was out for his nap and I was frantically cleaning up and making things presentable. The inspector came and went without noticing the ceiling and I collapsed on the couch for a nap of my own.

This problem has reminded me of a project that I have been sticking on the back burner for a long time. I need to go through the house and make note of the things that need repair. Not just painting and window replacement but getting a good look at the plumbing and electrical too. Not that this is the best time for home projects, but avoiding another potentially costly problem will be worth it in the long run.

This weekend = home assessment. (and starting more seeds.)

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  1. Oh what a day! Here's hoping today is quieter for you!