Monday, March 19

Odds and Ends

For all intents and purposes, Prince is the king of the house. He has been with us the longest and it going on 13 years.

And he does not let us forget his earned status. A more opinionated, demanding and sometimes irritating cat I have never met. But his indescribably large capacity to love is unmatched.

Then we have Cheese. A spitfire, she is, and a great mouser. At only 3 years of age she has grown to the respectable size of a puffy maine coon, and shows no signs of stopping.

I saw my first bee of the season over the weekend, enjoying the snowdrops in the side garden. I amso saw my first robin of the season last week - a rather chubby specimen - pearched on top of the wooden rose trellis. Most likely a Mamma about to lay some eggs in one of the many nests in teh barn. In the past week the robin population has exploded and they seem to be everywhere, scowering the grounds for nest bits.

What I consider the 'second flower' of spring popped up in the yard today and i love looking out the window and seeing little bright spots of color dotting the dull green and dead brown grass.

Speaking of nest building, whoever built this one had home security on the brain. That rose bush with the huge thorns is the one that took out the little mans huge plastic ball last year. Opened up a gash about 6 inches long and seemed happy to do it.
My parents never want for a good supply of firewood.....
I have been seeing a lot more red tailed hawks around than usual in the past few weeks. Some with tails so bright red that there is no mistaking them for another species. The starlings are also making their presence known lately, lining up on the telephone lines and diving off one after the other to the field below, like olympic divers.

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