Wednesday, March 7

The Final Word on Demon Foods

What's good for you? What's bad for you? What type of bread will cure your insomnia and which kind will send your sugar levels skyrocketing after one slice?

Tea? Coffee? Caffeine? Plant based diet? Low carb intake? No meat? Peanut butter is a good source of protein. Wait, peanut butter will add pounds to your love handles!

I am hyper conscious of all those news reports and articles claiming that one type of food is good for you, another is bad, and some will kill you tomorrow. Then the next week, just reverse it all and start all over. Pretty much everything is bad for you it seems and even though i say I am "hyper-conscious", it is focused on the absurdity of the entire ordeal rather than drastically altering my diet.

I can across this fantastic blog post the other day which just about spells out the whole thing. Please, please read this blog post from Consciously Frugal. We need to stop freaking out and use some common sense.

General rule: If it is something that your great grandmother would not recognize as something eatable to put on the dinner table, it is probably not something you should be eating.

"Foods grown for shelf life and transport, saturated in toxic chemicals, generally aren't (*gasp*) so great for actual consumption when it comes to nutrient value."

Amen, sister.
Consciously Frugal: Demon Foods

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