Wednesday, March 14

The Baby Sling That Wasn't Meant to Be

I'm a busy girl. Laundry, dishes, cleaning up, toddler entertainment center, house chores, yard chores - the life of a home maker.

I try to include the little man in as many chores as possible and he is a great helper, but having one free hand was just not cutting it, even with two little toddler hands helping out.

My baby girl likes to be held, which is wonderful and I am happy to do it. However, she is going on 15 pounds and even though I like the arm workout, juggling her while doing housework is not optimal, or safe.

I did not want to spend a bundle (no pun intended) on a baby carrier so a little research online lead me to a site with a step by step video on how to make your own baby sling. Carry your baby with you, keep her close and comfy, and have two hands free. Perfect!

Given that I love sewing and I always have fabric on hand (clearance remnants at Joanne Fabrics are a goldmine), I set about following the woman in the video and making my little girl her own baby sling.

Easy! Fast! Perfect! Just follow the instruction and make sure your measurements or spot on.

I finished the sling and got her in it. She looked around, looked up at me and wailed. She hates it. Every time I try to put her in it, she screams. The blow to my sewing ability ego aside, (hey, my seams are pretty good - the other babies won't notice!), I just can't stand that look of dread on her face when I attempt to put her in.

So, I have a perfectly good baby sling here - made out of nice, slightly stretchy, conservative light gray pinstripe if anyone is interested.

Maybe I can use it for the cat.

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  1. Oh my,how funny! Oops,I mean awful! One thing I have learned about children,they rarely do what we want!!!! I hope the cat likes it!! :-) Darlene