Wednesday, February 1

setting boundaries

A little while ago I posted about my total post-holiday meltdown, fueled by Roy's new facination with the art of juicing any unfortunae fruits and vegetables that make it into our home.

My goal to find out even more about the food we eat has lead me to some interesting, scary, informative and bizzar information. As there is so much to learn and process (no pun intended), any posting on the topic will have to come later. There is just so much to learn.

However, the second part of my melt-down revelation was that we need to be setting some boundaries around here. In short, we have let things go. Putting homesteading to the side for a minute, there need to be a few changes in the way this household works.

Boundaries. On food, spending, television and children. I have taken care of food and that is probably one that I will never really get figured out as everything changes constantly about what is good for you and what is not. I can accept this.

Spending: we are back on the budget. We deviated from it around the end of November with plans for holiday shopping and the new baby needing more diapers pretty much every other day. (She can poop, that one!). Spending overflowed onto the credit card which I did not want to add to. We got a little crazy, and I guess it is good to throw caution to the wind once and a while, but then you have to pay the fiddle player. In this case, we will need to be paying Mr. Visa a little more each month to get back on track. A certain amount for the week and that is it, excluding utility bill and mortgage payments. If the money runs out on Thursday, we are out of luck until Sunday.

One thing about being on a budget: that first grocery shopping trip after starting a budget or getting back on one is such a shock. Counting every penny and really, REALLY taking the time and making those decisions - "Even though I KNOW the organic is better, can I really AFFORD it?" and "Holy cow! Goldfish crackers cost a fortune! Good thing I am really limiting the little mans golden cracker intake!".

Television: For us and the little man. We got rid of cable a long while ago and I am not sorry for one minute. I now realize how much time we wasted watching programs with no substance. Local tv and occasional netflix is more than enough for us. My free time is extreamly limited right now and I just can not justify filling it with mindless chatter. The little man has become, I am very sad to day, a tv addict. He watches mostly PBS so he is not bombarded with the commercials aimed at kids for everything from sugary cereals to remote controled boats, but he is obsessed with it all the same.

I hate to admit it, but televsion does make my life easier, especially with teh new baby. That hour of Curious George or Seseme Street makes clean laundry and a daily shower possible.

Don't they say that admitting you have a problem is the first step towards recovery? Well, we have a tv problem here and its name is Dora the Explorer. The only cure I can think of is the cold turkey approach, but that just seems like more of a punishment for me. So, the tv for little man will be limited to 2 hours per day with the ability to earn an extra hour of Curious George in the afternoon.

I have also enrolled him in a local toddler soccer camp one day a week and we have weekly scheduled play dates on the calendar. I am anticipating a rocky reception to this plan which starts tomorrow. i will keep you posted....

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