Tuesday, February 21

Kitty Continues

Doing dishes the other day, I looked out the window down towards the barn and saw Kitty, sunning himself on a warm patch of blacktop. It was a sunny day, mild with not much of a breeze, and he was enjoying some time just being a cat.

I feel sorry for him in that whatever home he once had is gone and he is now relegated to living in my barn in a big cardboard box, tipped on its side and lined with some cozy old afghan pieces. So I took some little joy in seeing him lounging in this sunny spot, rolling onto his back, legs all sticking up.

He started to make his rounds - up the driveway about half way to get a good look at the yard in front of the barn, looking for a wayward rodent. Then back up the driveway to the back door of the house where he sniffs around the lilac bush and the bird feeders. Where he goes next is pretty much arbitrary. I have seen him head down to take a look at the chickens and I have also seen him picking out a good hunting spot in the side field.

He is still so afraid of people and he will not come to me when I try and call him. He runs at most loud noises and voices, and is very cautious when he comes near the house. He saw me take this picture of him and when I gave a little wave in his direction he was off like a shot down the driveway and hid under my car.

I am not giving up on him and I will keep putting a bowl of dry food down for him every evening in the barn. Such a regal old guy should be in the house by my fireplace keeping his weary old bones toasty warm.

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