Tuesday, February 14

Kitchen Cupboards and Windy Nights

Lets just face facts. Kitchen remodels are pricey. Probably the most expensive room in the house to remodel, considering appliances.

When we moved in to your farmhouse almost 7 years ago, we knew that things were going to be the way they were for quite some time. And we were fine with that. Everything was functional and nothing was in any sort of drastic repair need.

That said, if you walk through my house you can take a journey through decorating styles from the last 5 decades.

So on this windy evening, I have decided to try and make a little improvement to the kitchen that I will most likely be using until both kids are our of the house. Little things can make a room feel like it has been redone, without spending a fortune. When we moved in, we did not replace the vinyl tile squares that were lining the bottoms of kitchen drawers and cupboard shelves. I felt that remove the old and replacing with new would give the kitchen that inexpensive revamp I was looking for.

I purchased two boxes of 12" x 12" sticky-back vinyl tile from our local discount hardware outlet. Granted, this is not the most sustainable choice but it was the most cost effective and for the small size of the home improvement purchase, I was willing to use them.

I took everything out of all the kitchen cabinets, remove the old tile, which came out easier than I expected it would, and I completely washed down the cupboards with some green multi-purpose cleaner.

While waiting to make sure the cupboard shelves and drawer bottoms were completely dry, I sorted through the contents of the cupboards and managed to get rid of quite a bit of junk and items that we just do not use.

One large box of Goodwill donations later, I was ready to install my new vinyl.

As the winds whipped around outside blowing who knows what around the yard and against the house, I gathered my supplies and started the project.

It was fairly simple and all I needed was the tile, a tape measure, a sharpie and a good pair of utility scissors. The work went fast and it took a total of 3 hours, including putting things back in the cupboards.

I ended up with clean cabinets lined with new vinyl and an organized and de-cluttered kitchen. I am very pleased with the result and it does make me feel as though I have upgraded my kitchen a little. I know, the cabinet below still looks a little full, but it is the tupperware and misc. cabinet and you should have seen it before I cleaned it out!

Sitting here at the table, typing this entry, I am still listening to that howling wind. We have had a quite a few wind storms this season, a few of which have been enough to do some damage, although we have yet to lose power. The kids are both in bed, Roy is working on the taxes, and I am planning a quiet evening of book reading by the fireplace. All three activities should keep the respective participants busy for hours.

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