Thursday, January 12

They're Here...

They say the snow might start coming down today, and even though it is pretty to watch, I just reminds me that my days in the garden are still far off. But as if someone knew that I was feeling dirt withdrawl a little more than usual today, I got a little produce present.

The first of the seed catalogs arrived in the mail today.

Burpee, Gurney's and Jung Seeds and Plants. I am still on the mailing list for the first two even though I have not ordered from them in a while. I tend to go for the more organic choices in Barker Creek.

Note to readers: When the Baker Creek catalog comes this year, I will not be posting for a while. I will be baracding myself in my bathroom or closet away from kids, pets and the husband, and I will be drooling over and ordering from this masterpiece.

I have never recieved a Jung Seeds and Plants catalog before so I am looking forward to seeing what they offer as far as more organic, non-chemical wares.

Just seeing these lovely harbingers makes me smile. "Over 150 fresh new varieties inside!" promises Burpee.

"Respected for Quality, Vaule & Service" makes me like the Jung catalog - like I am an old southern gentleman farmer brousing the pages with a glass of burbon in one hand, my hound dogs sitting at my feet.

"FREE $100" blankets the entire front cover of Gurney's. I always think of them as the "easy girl" of the seed catalogs. She is always giving it away for free, but when you read the fine print, nothing is really as free as it appears to be.

If I order or not, I will still have a wonderful time slowly flipping through getting ideas for the shade garden and battle plans for another round of tomato trellis wars.

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