Thursday, January 19

Reclaiming Socks

Ever since I learned how to knit socks, I have had this kind of obsession with it. I think it is because, unlike many other projects I undertake, the socks that I knit actually turn out looking like what they are supposed to - like socks.

That I can take a bit of yarn and 4 double pointed knitting needles and in a few days have a warm, functional pair of socks makes me feel great. I have a skill. A craft. Something useful and practical. It is enjoyable and a wonderful source of stress relief and relaxation. I can think of almost nothing better than working on a pair of socks in yarn that is soft and warm in the hour before bed to wind down after a long day.

I taught myself this skill which makes it all the more meaningful to me. Some people might say that sock knitting is not a save-your-life kind of skill to learn, and I agree that it is not something that will save the world, but I does save my sanity and reduce my stress. And I feel darn good that I have reclaimed a skill somewhat lost in the modern world.

Here is the first video in the series that I used to learn. It is very easy to follow and you can modify the pattern to make the socks different sizes. I like to make the cuffs longer and I use heavy yarn so they are warm for around the house.

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  1. I love knitting socks and I am hoping to learn how to knit from the toe up. From the toe up is a more astronomical way to not waste yarn. You can use a ball all up.

    Happy Knitting!