Tuesday, January 3

Quarantine Lifted

Last week I imposed a self-quarantine on our home. We only left the house for necessary things such as to work and to buy food.

The onslaught of the holidays has left me completely drained. Family from all sides bringing presents and cookies and germs into the house. Noise, noise and more noise. Well meaning people invading my space. Where did all this wrapping paper come from??!!

The cookies, oh, the cookies. They were so delicious. I had more than my fair share and I loved every glutinous minute of it. Breakfast, lunch and dinner - the main dish was Christmas cookies. And Christmas fudge and Christmas peanut butter balls and Christmas candy....

Why does it seem like so much less of a calorie loaded overindulgence if it has the word 'Christmas' in front of it?

So there we were, knee deep in ripped up wrapping paper, stomach aches from too much sugar and coughing coming on strong from the colds that we all caught.

My ability to handle any more stress was little to none when Roy decided to watch a documentary last week entitled "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead." I was exhausted and coming off the sugar high of the century so I crashed on the couch and mindlessly watched a man from Australia drink only fruits and vegetables that came out of the bottom end of a juicer.

By the end of the documentary, I was literally having a panic attack. I thought I was going to die tomorrow. That the little man was going to have long term learning disabilities from eating the goldfish crackers that he likes to snack on - if he even made it that long. The ghost of high fructose corn syrup was coming to take me on a trip of Christmas' past that night and it wasn't going to be pretty. Just all those cookies alone would be sending me strength to junk food hell.

I am not exaggerating when I said I had a massive panic attack. It stretched into the next day and with the combination of not a lot of sleep, very poor eating habits, too much caffeine, stress and my generally weakened state of being, it caused me to spend a lot of the day with my head over the toilet.

This was not a eureka moment, no light bulb went on over my head, these was not a light shining down with angels singing. But I knew I had to do something.

First thing - Food.

For all of my homesteading efforts, I have managed to feed Roy and the little man a pretty good diet of vegetables, organic meat and bread. We are definitely not perfect but we are trying, like most people. What I realized is that I have no idea how to eat.

I am talking food pyramid, portion sizes, fat content eating. The thing is that i eat very specifically. I only like a limited variety of vegetables and fruits, which I do eat on a regular basis. I am just picky, the reasons behind which I wrote about here a while back. But lately I have come to realize that a woman can not live on carbs and Coke alone, no matter how much energy she needs. I can not keep eating like a 20 year old and expect to fit into my jeans and to have enough stamina to chase an almost three year old around, take care of the house, animals, and property, and pursue the homesteading lifestyle.

So, taking lessons from several documentaries, books, websites, and just some plain old common sense, we have made some changes on our food intake.

The short of it is control our portions, cut it out with the massive carb ingestion, cool it with the Coke, cut back on meat (even if it is organic), and take in massive amounts of fruits and veggies (even if my choices are limited).

This is not some drawn out diatribe of living a healthier lifestyle. It is short, simple and to the point. Cut out the junk, don;t shovel in empty calories, don't pickle yourself from the inside out with soda, take responsibility for yourself.

This will not solve all the worlds problems, and it won't solve our recent poor eating habits, but it has to start somewhere. We need to get back to where we once were and where we want to be again.

Coming soon, the second thing - Setting Boundaries.

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