Saturday, January 21

Ownership of the Nip

This is Cheese. She is a three year old Maine Coon and the biggest ball of fluff you have ever seen. On a cold night, she is the one you want on your lap.

Her favorite thing in the entire world is fresh cap nip. I have a bunch growing in the side garden which has survived due to the mid winter we have been having. off and on snowfall has not seemed to kill it all off so I picked some for her the other day.

Here she is enjoying her nip in the kitchen...

Here is Buffin, who also likes catnip and who is very politely trying to get a leaf of two from Cheese...

Cheese is having none of it, no matter how polite. "Back away from the nip!"

In our winter boredom, we are reduced to fighting over leaves of barely-clinging-to-life cat nip on the kitchen floor.

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