Tuesday, January 17


We have a new addition here at our farm - a beautiful long haired orange cat that i have started calling "kitty." Creative, I know, but the first rule is no names - it leads to attachment.

Ok, I am already attached.

I do not know if kitty is a he or a she since I can not get close enough to venture a guess. Kitty is very much scared of people and runs the minute anyone approaches.
This photo of a fuzzy orange blob scooting around the corner of the barn is the best picture I could get.

I am going to call kitty a "he" for now in that I did manage to get a good look at him from the kitchen window. Broken cameras and crying babies kept me from getting a better picture but I can see that this cat is regal. Older, most definitely, which leads to to believe he was dropped off out here in the "country" - the land of milk and honey where the dirt roads are actually paved with gold underneath the dirt and all the people are suckers for a cute cat and take them in.

Kitty looks to me like a well fed and cared for cat that belonged to a very nice little old lady who had the misfortune of passing away and leaving behind thoughtless children who did not know what to do with Mom's cat.

He has taken up residence in our upper barn and makes his rounds every morning and afternoon. He travels our property, making sure to explore the lower barn and the chickens outdoor enclosed area. The chickens don't seem to mind.

I have been feeding him every night in addition to my chicken feeding duties and he seems content to sleep in a big cardboard box, turned on its side, which I have layered with some old blankets. All attempts at this point to get him to not run from me have failed but I am not giving up. My goal is to make friends, get him to a vet, and make him a part of the family.

Roy is not all that thrilled with my plans.

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  1. Oh, God bless you for your kindness!

    We have 5 cat rescues. Being good pet parents, we spay and neuter. Ours are indoors and at least 3 are asleep on the bed at all times (except if someone pops the top on canned cat food...then they all come a'runnin!) They have brought MUCH joy.

    I'll pray for kitty's happy transition into your family!