Saturday, January 28

Kindle Fire Packaging - Perfect!

My aversion to gadgets aside, I did receive a Kindle for Christmas, and after learning the ins and outs of operation, I have to admit that I am rather fond of this slim little piece of tech.

It is rather handy and I can check emails quickly while supervising the little man, and I can feed the baby her bottle while reading a book that does not require juggling of said baby and bottle when I need to turn a page. And I think that is what I will use it for the most - reading books.

I have stated in the past that I am in love with the printed page and that a hard copy of a good book is second to none. I still hold this view and do prefer an actual, physical book, but there is something to be said for the convenience of the Kindle. I can download books from my local library website just as if I drove there and checked the book out off the shelf. The convenience of this with two little kids is something I will gladly accept.

The packaging of the Kindle was almost as impressive as the product itself. So minimalistic of a design that there was almost no waste. There was a standard MicroUSB power adapter and one small instruction card which basically tells you how to turn it on and where to go for more help. The instruction manual is on the actual Kindle so there is no long booklet of instructions in several languages. The package itself is just cardboard and molded cardboard inserts. No plastic.

Absolutely perfect.

And certified frustration free.

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