Saturday, January 14

Down and Out

The past few days have been a non-stop roller coaster of emotional meltdowns and recoveries. I stared the other day with a wood stove that refused to stay lit until I broke down and used to liquid gel fire started stuff that Roy bought at Tractor Supply even though I am convinced that it is the #1 rule to be broken on the homesteaders/fire starting cheat sheet.

The baby has had mystery gas the past day or two and is perfectly content to coo and goo one minute and be screaming the next. A new scream - so high pitched that I want to run around checking the windows for cracks. After calming her down, she looks at me with those eyes - those pretty blue accusing eyes - blaming me for her troubled digestive system. Then she spits up and falls asleep.

The little man has been spending WAY too much time in front of the tv lately since he has figured out how to turn on Roy's PlayStation and bring up the netflix app. We have had a pretty much non-stop run of Busy Town Mysteries here and that snake/worm character is totally starting to freak me out.

With the wet icy snow we had, the internet was on the fritz so I waited until the baby was sleeping and went to work trying to reset the modem thing. This is in the kitchen on top of the corner cabinet along with three other blinking devices that somehow bring us internet, television and telephone service, along with wi-fi. Since there seem to be three cords for each device, they are in a huge tangled mass hanging behind the cabinet, and having to move the cabinet out to get to the cords, the entire ensembl came crashing down to the kitchen floor. Everything was down for about a half hour while I untangled, re-plugged and re-assembled - all the while listening to little man tell me in end-of-the-world- fashion that Busy Town Mysteries had stopped and that his one true love - the television - was a black screen.

After I had managed to get everything strengthened out, I noticed that my jade plant which was also on top of the cabinet, we looking pretty sad. I have always had horrible luck with these plants but I was doing so well with this one.... I moved it to the freezer, closer to the kitchen window hoping that a little more light might save it.

The chickens have also turned against me in that they are giving me 4 eggs per day. That is 4 eggs from 17 chickens. I feel as if I am running a crumble feeding free-for-all for spoiled rotten hens. They have even started rejecting certain kitchen scraps knowing that if they act displeased, I will shell out the scraps of perfectly good bread - their favorite.

A recovery break today as I got a small road trip to go to a friends baby shower. What a welcome treat - seeing old friends, having fun and knowing that the kids were safe at home with Roy and being kept company by whichever two football teams played this afternoon. I was proud of myself because after three full glasses of pepsi at our after-shower dinner at Applebee's, I did not stop at the shady and very questionable rest stop for a potty break, even though I was almost bursting. Of the many choices I have made in my life, questioning public bathrooms has to be one of my refined talents - a girl just can't go anywhere. Being choosy in this department is a must.

"Why are there peas on the floor?" was what I asked when I arrived home and saw the state of my living room rug. Apparently dinner had consisted of cooked peas, a tomato and popcorn, two of which were in evidence on my carpet. I was not as upset about this as i should have been due to the fact that I was happy the little man was not running around naked and the baby did not have peas up her nose. I'll take my little victories where i can find them.

So, you may ask, what the heck does any of this have to do with homesteading? Pretty much nothing, except maybe the chicken part, but just because I grind wheat does not mean that I don;t have all the annoying and pain in the butt problems that people who eat Wonder Bread have.

And I also lost my favorite Burt's Bees chap stick.

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