Sunday, December 11

Small Town Light Parade

You know you live in a small town when a Christmas light covered pontoon rescue boat being pulled on its trailer down main street is a great evening attraction.

Our town closed off Main street the other night for the "light parade" and the little man and I did not miss it. All the local Main street businesses were open and I got this little wave of pride and nostalgia seeing them mostly filled with eager customers. I hate to see an empty shop.

But the little man had no interest in browsing the local used book store since Main street was lit up like Las Vegas.

Free cookies, hot chocolate and horse drawn wagon rides were offered and the street was packed with people, strollers and dogs in Christmas outfits.

The futuristic Star Trek-like Christmas trees confused the little man for a minute, but that didn't stop him from trying to take off the decorations.

A great evening with just the little man and myself enjoying a great small town atmosphere. The little guy was less impressed with the meaningfulness of it all and more by the fire trucks and the boy scouts throwing candy.

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