Friday, December 23

Singing the Wood Stove Praises

Our first wood delivery came last week in the back of a small contractor dump truck that left some ruts in teh yard. A small price to pay for heat this winter. About 6 cord in total was dumped in our driveway in two loads, all split and ready to burn.

Roy and the little man were busy stacking the majority of it in the bottom of the barn and putting a weeks supply on the front porch. Now all I have to do when I need to put more logs on the fire is open up the front door, grab what I need, and I am back inside before I even have a chance to get cold.

I thought that the pellet stove was a fantastic addition to our home, and it was. But the wood stove takes the cake. It is toasty in here, much more so than the pellet stove produced, and the heat carries into the other rooms better. Probably because there is just so much more of it. The kitchen is still a little chilly but it is actually a nice retreat when the living room gets too hot to handle. I have spent a few evenings in tank tops and lightweight pajama pants. We circulate the air with the ceiling fan and we have been warm and content in the chilly weather.

We have only has the most minuscule amount of snow so far this season which is a little strange for nearing the end of December. I am not complaining, since I have a very bad relationship with the cold stuff. Winter is my least favorite season. It just seems a bit strange in that we were clearing the driveway at this time last year.

I have two pots on top of the stove to hold water and put a little moisture into the air, which need to be refilled daily. And aside from throwing some logs in now and then and emptying the ash pan, that is all the maintenance that is required.

I can not sing the praises of having a wood stove in the home loud enough. It is by far the best thing we have purchased for our home. It has already saved us a great deal of money on heating oil and being able to sit in front of a warm stove is better than television. I have been using the drying racks instead of the clothes dryer so we are saving on electric as well. The stove will more than pay for itself with the savings on electricity and oil in a year.

Next step - cooking a meal on it.

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  1. I feel the same way about ours, too! Merry Christmas!