Saturday, December 10

Pine Cone Garland & DPP Day 10

I made and posted about this garland last year, but I love the idea so much that i had to share it again. Decorating with natural elements is my favorite part of the holidays. I like the simple cozy look, and the way it brings my home together.

One note - in the future, I will use a double line of the string to make the garland a little stronger. The longer the line of pinecones, the stronger the string needs to be.

When the holidays roll around, I am all about decorating. No, I do not light up every square inch of the exterior of my house and have those giant blow-up Santa's in the front yard. I like natural decorating. And I am "all about it" because it is just that - natural. I love the way the house looks with the holiday decor. It just makes it feel that much more homey and pioneer-like.

Pine boughs, pine cones, handmade ornaments along with antique ones from the 40's, apple themed kitchen table trees and lighted pine garland.

My decorations consist mostly of things I have made myself or that others have made for me. I have items that have been passed down from my Great Grandmother and things that I made yesterday.

Case and point: Pine Cone Garland. I love to decorate with pine cones in the winter months but there are only so many boxes and bowls and baskets I can fill without running out of room to put them. Especially this year with the little guy into EVERYTHING, I have to be careful. (our main tree does not have any ornaments on it this year because I did not want to have to hire someone to stand sentry by the tree 24/7).

And my pine cone collection was growing. I am always collecting them from my Grandparents farm and this past fall we picked up a ton of really nice, sturdy good sized ones from the Walmart parking lot. So I decided to string them and hang them up, garland style.

My first attempts at simply pushing a needle through the base did not work so I resorted to a drill. Here is how I did it:

What you will need - a drill, a 3/32" or 5/64" drill bit depending on the size of your pine cones, a sturdy long needle, some strong thread, scissors, and large buttons.

Step 1: Gather a ton of pine cones of similar size.
Step 2: use a drill bit to drill a hole through the thick base of the cones. This will be messy so be sure to put down a towel.
Step 3: thread a large needle with a strong, sturdy thread or cord (make sure both the needle and the cord will fit through the hole). I used an old spool of very heavy duty thread that i found at my husbands' Grandparents house. It is on a wooden spool so I can only guess how old it is. It was made by American Thread Co., Star, 200 yards, Size 8, Mercerized. you could probably also use fishing line, a thin but strong twine, etc.

Step 4: string the pine cones, one at a time, making sure not to get tangled or to get any knots in the string. It is also best to do this part of the project, and maybe the entire project itself, when both cats and toddlers are napping.

Step 5: I finished off each end with a big, thick button to give it something strong. And I like the way it looks. You could use just about anything you want - large beads, bells for the holidays, etc.
Step 6: Hang and enjoy

In addition to hanging them, I also like to drape them along the tops of cabinets. As opposed to setting individual pine cones in a row and hoping that they don't fall off, having them strung together makes it much less likely they will cone down. And I think it looks pretty.


  1. I think they look pretty, too! I like the idea and I love the way they came out!

  2. I have tons of pinecones in my yard and I have never seen this done before I love it!