Tuesday, December 13

Getting the Tree

Another trip to my Grandparents tree farm to pick out the perfect tree. I look forward to this pretty much all year being that it is the perfect storm of wood stoves, wagon rides and cake with too much frosting.

My Grandparents farm in the southern tier of New York State is my ideal homestead. And visiting there always fills me with inspiration.

A small tree this year, so the little man could be in charge of decorating, and so I would have less pine needles to clean up daily. We found a nice one, just about 5 feet tall, and it even came with a free birds nest left over from this past springs brood.

Have you ever been witness to a 2 1/2 year old little boy when he gets to ride in the wagon and watch Grandpa use a chainsaw? I don't think he would notice now if Santa did not bring him a single present this year. He was beaming from ear to ear the entire time and was thrilled to "help".

Grandma has a huge spread waiting for us with turkey, mashed potatoes, home made applesauce - just like a late Thanksgiving dinner. The cat was begging for turkey and the squash was the color of a tangerine on fire and the wood stove at our backs in the kitchen felt so good I could have sat there for the rest of my days.

The house is always warm - sometimes too warm - but it makes it so you don't want to even think about the long drive home. When we lived at the old house, just the thought of going home made me sick to my stomach. Going from one fabulous extreme to a dreaded one. Now that we are at the new place, it is far less dramatic of a change, but i come home with just a little bit of longing. And some great ideas.

And a Christmas tree.

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