Wednesday, December 21

December Photo Project 18 - 21. I'm bad at this.

I think I have failed the December Photo Project challenge. I was hoping that this would give me an opportunity to notice something new every day, even it was just a very small part of my day that I let pass by normally.

The things I have noticed instead are that 1) December was no snow on the ground makes for pretty boring outdoor photo opportunities and 2) My house is a mess.

There are only so many times I can take pictures of the Christmas lights.

Although I do have to say that in looking harder around the house, I have seen messes that I did not know existed. Here is a run down of some 'discoveries':

One, or more of my cats, has been using my big tub of potting soil in the basement as a litter box.
The little man has not actually been eating all of his apple slices, and I found his stash in the dvd cabinet. About 1 weeks worth.
Prince has been spitting out his hyperthyroid pill in the kitchen closet after I thought he had swallowed it.
Have you ever looked under your washer and dryer? Just saying.....
Something has sprung a leak under the upstairs bathroom sink.
And saving the best for last...... one of the cats had a massive hairball under our bed, probably a couple weeks ago.

So, that has been my life lately, mixed with Christmas preparations and changing many dirty diapers. So unless there are people out there interested in seeing photos of hairballs and mushy white hyperthyroid pills, I think I will just post the following pictures, 18 - 25, and call the experiment a 50/50 success.

December 18: I just really like this little guy...

December 19: What must people think when they come to my house.....

December 20: "It took you this long to figure out my pill trick Mom? Seriously, you are getting slow."

December 21: Possible hair ball culprit...

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