Thursday, December 15

Culling the Activities - Bye Bye Christmas Cards

I am not sending our Christmas cards this year. Does this make me a bad person? Will people think I am lacking in holiday spirit? Will they look at their pile of Christmas cards after the holidays and wonder where the one from my family is? Will they shun me forever since they did not get a card with a shiny picture of the 4 of use inside?

Boy, I hope not because I am not doing the card thing this year. I don't have the time. I don't have the patience or the money for stamps or my list updated. Just getting the list updated and added and subtracted from takes time. Time I really do not have.

I have had to cull quite a few activities from my daily schedule since the little girl was born. Between her, the little man, house chores, animal care, garden work and errands, I have been forced to reduce activities to the bare bones. The only time I have for kntting, reading and blogging is that magic hour after the kids are sleep and before I collapse from exhaustion.

Christmas cards are not high on the priority list this year.

I know people who have stopped sending cards for the simple reason that it wastes paper and other resources. They go green by sending e-cards, email holiday letters, and the like. And I wish I could say that the reason I was not going to send cards this year was because I was making a stand against the wasting of paper and to end global climate change. But it is not.

Truth be told, I like sending cards. I love using the mail - stationary, fancy pens, lined envelopes - this almost antiquated for of communication is my most favorite. I love the feel of a thick, high quality paper, embossed with a floral design. A pen that deposits the ink in such a smooth way that it feels you are writing with liquid gold. And if you really want to get fancy with it, try using those fantastically medeaval wax seals on the envelopes.

Someday, if the postal service survives, I will spend my pre-holiday days with my kitchen table loaded with stamps, envelopes and cards of every theme, sipping hot chocolate and writing heart felt messages as the snow falls outside. But today is not that day. Today is sending a few cards to my Grandparents with pictures of the kids and not spilling a juice cup on them before they make it to the mailbox.

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