Monday, December 12

Blue Birds in December & DPP

Over to Mom and Dad's house after church yesterday after the little man decided not to be on his best behavior during the children's pageant. Terrible two's mixed with "I'm mad because you have a new baby" makes for an interesting time in the pew.

Dad spent the last day of hunting season out trying to get a deer for the freezer and we stayed in out of the cold eating toasted cheese sandwiches and making Christmas plans.

There has been almost no snow yet this year, just some chill and rather windy days that are almost more depressing than a few feet of snow outside your door. I like winter, to a point. Snow at Christmas and then I'm done. For me winter means long days of being inside. Brown slush, loud snow plows, and scraping ice off the windshield. I almost want to throw a party when the Baker Creek Seed Catalog arrives. It makes me want to go running up the road, waving the catalog in the air, and yelling "See! There is a thing called spring!!!".

This chilly Sunday, eating hot toasted cheese, I stood by the back door and watched yet another over sized, cheaply constructed "house" going up in the field behind my parents house. Development turned what was for generations, a home for deer, coyote, fox and just about every small furry animal you can think of, into a chemical fed series of lawns with very large vinyl sided houses plopped in the middle.

Add that to the bare tree branches, the lifeless grass and the bits of ice crusting the back deck, and you have a recipe for a day feeling sorry for yourself.

This little bluebird then came and sat on the fence. I guess I should say not-so-little bluebird since he was quite well fed, but that nice bright blue....
He hung around long enough for me to take a few pictures and decided it was too much of a wind chill for him on that fence.

This was not one of these moments when I was instantly transported back to a state of absolute happiness, and a light did not shine down and I did not hear music or anything. It was a bluebird for pete's sake. It was just a nice interruption to an otherwise stressful and cold day.

I think this might be the female in the tree:

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