Wednesday, November 9

Wood Stove Installation, Part 2

After a frustrating Saturday, I hoped Sunday would go better.

Not really.

More shiny piping and a lot of climbing up and down ladders. And, our roof really is kind of high. Roy was the one who ended up on roof-duty since he didn't seem to mind balancing on the roof while drilling holes and anchoring brackets.

We managed to get the entire outside section installed - I just hope it is straight since the sun glare off the shiny pipe made it hard to see. Maybe the weather will dull it down a little in time. I don;t want to blind any passers-by.

The missing pipe has been ordered for the inside so we should be able to get the stove hooked up and working next weekend.

Before inspection, however, we still have to install the ceramic tile, which I am not looking forward to. Besides the fact that I am not going to like the way it looks and I think that it is totally unnecessary, I hate installing ceramic tile. It is so messy and time consuming and after doing the entire kitchen floor at the old house, I swore that i would never use ceramic tile again.

I just keep reminding myself of the benefits of having a wood burning stove - heat even if the power goes out, no more paying obscene amounts of money for heating oil, being able to cook a meal on it if i felt like it. And, you might think i am crazy here, but I am looking forward to the wood cutting process. Cutting, splitting, stacking..... I am looking forward to getting back into some physical labor that produces something tangible at the end. If I can do the labor that results in providing heat for my home and family, I will be a very happy semi-homesteader at the end of the day.

All I have to do is make through another weekend of pipe installation....

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  1. Congrats on your new woodstove! Where are they requiring that you put ceramic tile?