Tuesday, November 29

Toasty Fires and The End of Modern Society

I am looking out at a cold and rain drenched homestead this afternoon as I wait for another load of laundry to spin out so it can be hung by the wood stove to dry. I made my first fire in the new stove yesterday and lets just say, I am a little rusty at getting a fire going. I have not made a wood stove fire in a good 10 years, and I need to brush up on my skills.

I did manage to get a good fire going and I was quite proud of myself until Roy came home and pointed out that I forgot to empty the ash pan. A little annoying, I know. When we are building something, he is the type of guy who will come around and inspect any nail that I have pounded and always give it another two and three good hits with the hammer, just in case. Just his little way of letting me know he is "the man."

But my warm and toasty fire made the house just that, and it dries clothes like nobody's business. That thing puts out a lot of heat. Last night I put a bowl of dough on the stove top to rise for the home made pizza I was making for dinner. Not only did that dough rise very well, but it got so toasty that the dough was hot to the touch when it came time to press it out.

So I am sitting here today, with both kids napping, and the fire going and I am glad we are back from the store. A 'quick trip' with two kids is not a quick trip. Needing formula and diapers, and some chocolate for Mommy, we went out and spent two hours in total inspecting every toy in the toy department of the local Target. I spent that time checking out potential Christmas gifts that Santa could bring the little man and I tried to use my rules of shopping.

My Rules of Shopping (for non-food items):

What is the price?
Where is it made?
What is it made of?
Is it durable?
Can it be recycled?
How much packaging is there?
Can the packaging be recycled?
Is it worth the money and the effort it took to get it to this store?

I know it seems like a lot but it goes by quickly in my head and I can eliminate toxic, over-priced, "cheap", and excessively packaged goods rather quickly. I found a few good suggestions for Santa.

The drive home in the rather heavy rain was as it always is, but today I had the heater cranked up and I made a point to go really slow. This puts the little man out like a light for his nap. We stopped for a train on the tracks and as i watched the box cars go by, among the sprawl of graffiti on the sides, was the suggestion that we should "end modern society."

After just having seen a display of Justin Bieber Christmas tree ornaments that was as big as an actual Christmas tree, I was inclined to agree.

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