Monday, November 14

Single File, Please

Yesterday we had a parade of sorts in our yard. About 12 turkeys decided to take a stroll from our neighbors back woods, through our side yard, and across the road to the recently harvested dry bean fields.

They were very orderly and reserved about the whole thing - not a peep from any of them. No running from noises, no hurried movements from the feeling of pavement under their feet as opposed to grass. They just walked calmly in a single file line, pecking the ground.

I doubt they know that Thanksgiving is upon us and that they were making themselves prime targets. Event though it is not hunting season, that I know of, a bunch of turkeys lined up like a slow moving buffet in a shooting gallery could pose a temptation for anyone with the bow or a shotgun.

They reminded me more of a herd of dairy cows enjoying a sunny day of wandering in the pasture more than a bunch of turkeys on the move in broad daylight, out in the open. They didn't even seem to care that I was taking pictures, and the fact that I was taking pictures tells me two things: that I am amused very easily and that a bunch of wild animals - yes, turkeys are wild (not that they go out clubbing), seem to have no qualms about wandering through a neighborhood at 2:00 in the afternoon. A few too many neighborhoods and not enough open space, and that they are not scared worries me. Like the coyote that hung around my yard like a stay puppy two summers ago, curious enough to want to get within 25 feet of me and my garden.

But I will take this little parade through my yard as a nice, unexpected little delight in my day - because I love seeing wildlife and it make me happy.

PS - these guys all looked a little non-plump, which gives me hope that they will not be on a table this year.

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