Sunday, November 20

Fall Leaves, Laziness, and Too Much TV

Thursday night, I drove part of the way home in almost white-out conditions. I had the little man and the new baby in the car, all strapped in and secure, and I was going about 25 mph over the back roads. Back roads are the only way to get to and back home from my parents house and I have been driving on them since I started at
16, so I knew every twist and turn and steep slope.

But it was still snow - the first of the season - and I was not all that happy to see it. I want to hold on to fall for a little while longer. At least through Thanksgiving. I feel I have missed out on fall this year - my favorite season by far. Crispy leaves in my favorite colors, chill air but warm sun, bees all over the apple vendors tables' at the farmers market, no more weeding....
This year just feels like it went by way too fast and I was not able to enjoy much of it. I also think i am still a little depressed about not having been able to produce a single pumpkin from my garden this year to add some bright orange to my front porch.

Today has lifted my spirits somewhat as we spent the majority of it raking leaves and working out in the yard. Good fall weather this weekend and I am grateful for it. The vegetable gardens now have a healthy layer of dried leaves over them to rot away over the winter and give something back to the soil. The chickens also got a huge helping of them in their outdoor run and they have been digging around in them all day, looking for anything eatable and, I think, generally having fun.

The little man has been helping rake and haul tarps like the little helper that he is. I have been missing my helper in the past few weeks in that we have been basically stuck in the house, our schedules centered around the new baby. He has not been getting too much outside time, due to these schedules, and the weather. And he has been watching a little too much television. People tell me this is normal with a new baby in the house and that he will not turn into a horrible terror overnight from watching too much Curious George, but I can see the change already. He is not as excited about the chance to go outside, or to go to the store or to visit one of his friends, as he used to be. He actually tells me that he "would rather stay here (in the living room) and watch a George."

It is my fault, I know, and I want to make this right without starting World War III in my house. As soon as the new baby is old enough to go more than 3 hours without a solid feeding, we will be heading to the kids museum or the indoor play house and the little man WILL be playing and learning. Even if I have to use a crowbar to pry him away from the flat screen.

But I can not complain about his laziness without mentioning my own drastic lack of mobility these past few weeks. This weekend was the one of the first times since the baby was born that i have worked up a sweat from good old hard work. Not just from trying to walk up a flight of stairs while 9 months pregnant. I do have to say that it felt great, stinkiness and all, and I did accomplish a good deal of yard work. I miss that so much I almost crave the smell of the dirt. I want to get into my work clothes and get messy. I want to feel like I accomplished something with my day and not just sat inside staring out the window at all the needs to be done. Part of this is because I have the new little girl, whom i love dearly, and because the weather is starting to turn pretty darn cold - too cold to haul a newborn out in the stroller and wheel her around the yard while I rake up dead sweatpea plants.

And it is also partly because I have gotten a little lazy. I am out of practice. Being banned from so many usual summer garden and outdoor activities due to pregnancy has gotten me into the habit of 'taking it easy'. I also have yet to restart my relationship with Jillian Michaels and her Thirty Day Shred workout program. Our love/hate relationship did manage to keep me in shape, pre-pregnancy, and I did enjoy the occasional yelling from the dvd player. "You want abs like this? They're not coming for free, people!" I have a feeling that when I start back at level 1 she will actually know and be able to see my struggling with my 3 pound hand weights.

Oh, I forgot, fall is good for something else - baggy sweaters. Jillian won't suspect a thing.

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