Wednesday, November 16

Everything is Bad for You

I have decided that everything is bad for you. Every food, every pill, every form of excersise, every vaccination, every exam. Everything will kill you in short order.

What is good for you one day is bad the next - coffee, tea, carbs, vitamins, medications, one kind of food over another, microwaves, bottled water, purfume, cleaning chemicals, wifi, ethanol, additives, preservatives, the laptop.....

How is the average person supposed to cope with the overabundance of information, mostly contradictory, and keep their sanity long enough to enjoy what is left of their very short lives to begin with?

I operate on a base line of assuming pretty much everything is bad for you, especially if it has been created and manufactured since 1950. I know that rules out a lot of things but if I can not pronounce it, I am going to go ahead and assume that it might one day kill me. That does not stop me from being a caffinee addict however. I know that Coke will basically deteriorate a majority of my insides, but i still drink at least two cans a day.

And of course, all that processed food and "junk" food is so horrible for you but it is what 90% of gorcery stores are made up of. But we still buy it and eat it even though we know we should be eating an apple rather than cheese puffs.

So, I think it comes down to a ballance of knowledge, common sense and self control. We can figure out what is good for us and what is not be being knowldgeable about the basic food stucture. We can educate ourselves on the dangers of chemicals in our shampoo and toothpaste. We can take all that information from the tv and the internet and from books and magazines and make decisions for ourselves and not just blindly follow what someone says may be good or harmfull today, tomorrow or 20 years from now.

Then we can use common sense to weed out the junk from the good advice. We all know that soda is probably not the best thing for you, but I am willing to risk it, since I drink it in moderation. I have taken the information and made an informed decision for myself. I can look at a product and read the ingredients. I can find out where that product was made, how it was made and make a decision about whether I want to use it or not. Operating on the baseline that just about everything is bad for you, I think this strategy will make me ingest a few less toxins.

And of course, self control. We all know that if you eat a gallon of ice cream every day, you are probably going to be over weight. If you eat foods containing a ton of artificial dyes and go through two cans of hair spray a week, then you might have some problems later in life. If you take twice the reccomended does of asprin every day for years then you will most likely have problems later on.

Knowledge, common sense and self control. No matter what they say on teh news about what is good for you today and what will casue cancer tomorrow, I think that if we all stick to these three guidelines, we will all be a lot better off later on.

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