Thursday, November 10


It seems that the ladies are preparing for winter more than we are - even with us installing the quintessential homesteading centerpiece - the wood burning stove.

The ladies are turning into quite the beefcakes as they bulk up for winter. i have been giving them some corn in their rations and extra scraps from the kitchen. I want to have a nice repeat of last winter when we did not have to use the heat lamp and we had happy, healthy, egg laying ladies all winter long.

But I still do a double take every time I go to change the water and fill the feeders. They are looking like those chickens you see in the fancy farm magazines - all buffed up and prancing. Of course, we do still have some that are on the bottom of the pecking order and they are not as plump, and they are missing some feathers. But even they are looking a little more full in the mid-section. Even Hildred, who has always looked like she is anorexic and on deaths door step is looking a little chubby.

I have one lady who started out looking like all the other Golden Comets but has recently turned a pale light brown color - like hazelnut coffee - and she is beautiful.

Eggs production is back up slightly - we are getting between 8 and 11 eggs per day. And no sign of the skunk recently, or hawks for that matter. I almost feel safe enough to let them out of their pen for a forage around the yard. Almost. I think I will wait until the weekend so I can keep a good eye on them just in case.

Now that I am no longer pregnant, Roy has gladly handed me back the chicken feeding and cat littler scooping duties. This is something i look forward to every day - not so much the litter scooping, but being able to take some dinner scraps out to the ladies and spend a little time in the fresh air, taking care of my ladies. Sometimes, with the new baby and the little man, this is the first and only time I get out of the house all day. Hauling the water bucket and collecting the eggs really makes it feel like we are operating in the circle - we care for the ladies and they provide us with chemical free, hormone free, organic eggs. And plenty of entertainment.

Truly one of the best homesteading investments we have made here.

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