Saturday, October 29

What I Want for my Daughter

Never thinking that I would ever have a daughter, I did not ever give much thought to how this world treats a young lady. I never was a big "dater" and I never went to clubs or parties, so I can not comment on the pick-up habits of young men 14 years ago, or today for that matter.

What I can only imagine is that it is not something that I would want my little girl exposed to - the phrase "hooking up" comes to mind, even though I am not really sure if it means to meet a friend at McDonald's for lunch or if it is one of those meetings that might require a shot of penicillin the next day.

So, watching an episode of my new favorite guilty pleasure - Terra Nova - I was totally taken with the following scene, all be it a little "cheesy." (the fact that I still use words like cheesy should tell you something about how long I have been out of the social loop).

Please disregard the ads in the beginning, it was the only way I could get the video.

Can I just say that if some guy walked up to my little girl when she was 17 in a farmers market and said what this guy said, that I would be over the moon and inviting him to dinner every night for the rest of his life. Are there still guys in the world like this? Ok, I don;t think there are any guys like this anymore, but are there at least some guys who treat girls with a little respect? Are there guys who want to date someone with substance and intelligence, not just a girl in a short skirt with a reputation?

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