Thursday, October 27

Roy's Grandfather gave him a 1963 John Deere 2010 tractor which has been sitting in the back of our barn for about 4 years. The engine siezed up during the winter one year while we were plowing the driveway and it has been out of commission ever since.

Without much knowledge on this particular tractor, and lacking the time to take it apart, Roy has not attempted to repair it.

But my Dad needs a project. And Dad knows tractors.

So this past weekend we called on a nieghbor with a substaintial trailer and hired him to transport the green machine to my parents house, about a half hour away.

Little man and I watched out teh dining room window as my neighbor and Roy somehow pushed the tractor out of the barn. They then got things lined up and used our neighbors truck to tow the tractor up onto the trailer, just fitting the big tires on the inside of the trailers wheel wells. the only casualties were a broken tow strap and a section of my lawn that was ripped up with spinning truck tires. And it was raining.

After securing the tractor with chains, little man was allowed to go out in the driveway to see Daddy's tractor, and then, the trill of his day, to ride with Daddy and our nieghbor to deliver the tractor in the big truck. He has been talking about it ever since.

I was filled in on the rest by Roy when he returned home - the tractor was safely delivered and unloaded into my parents garage and my father has been taking things apart. He loves a project.

Come to think of it, my Grandfther also loves a project, but that is only to get out of the house and away from Grandma.

Hopefully we will have a tractor soon and then we will finally be able to mow our own side field instead of contracting our other neighbor to do so. And it will make digging out of the snow a lot easier.

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