Sunday, October 30

Roy and I saw this story on Sunday Morning this past weekend and he got a little upset.

"That's how they are going to tell that??!!??!!" he said. "Nothing about the strain on natural resources and how the planet can now support an unlimited number of people forever!!??!!"

If the video below is just a black screen, click HERE to watch it.

I didn't bother answering becasue I knew it was nothing I wanted to get into at the moment, but I did agree.

I can understand why they did not get into the gloom and doom of of overpopulation and planetary destruction before 10am on a Sunday. Who wants to start their day off depressed and worrying? Instead they focused on what I thought was a strange little tid-bit - Google searches. They stated that the more people there are on the planet, the more good ideas will be shared due to our massive technological advances. Their example - you can Google how to fix your lawnmower and someone else who has had the same problem may have posted about how to fix it. Kind of an interesting way to discuss the global flow of information, but it does make the point. They are basically saying that the more people there are, the more potential there is for some of those people to be smart, and that they will share their knowledge on the internet and make the world a better place.

I guess all the rest of us who don't happen be considered geniouses, can just go pound salt. This really does nothing to express the population explosion, other than to present a quirky referenceand example, but like I said, who wants to be depressed on a Sunday morning.

The facts are that the UN says the worlds population will top 7 billion this year. Most of that growth to 7 billion was from the 1920's to the present when we added 5 billion people to the planet. The numbers on how many people the earth can realistically support range from 1 billion to 100's of billions.

Hundreds of billions?

What kind of life would that be for anyone, even the geneouses?

However, according to the story, it has never been a better time to be alive. Philip Auerswald, Professor of Public Policy at George Mason University states n the story that "there is not a person alive today that would trade their existance for what they would have experienced 250 years ago."

When I heard this, I immediately raised my hand as if I was being called on to volunteer for the trip. 1761, here I come!!!!! (Hey, that was the year that first life insurance policy was issued int he US, in Philadelphia. It can't be all that bad if someone wants to insure their life!)

I am immediately reminded of my new favorite show, Terra Nova. The year is 2149. Plauged by extreame overpopulation and imminent environmental collase, a portal to 85 million BC was discovered and people have been shipping themseles back to the dinosaur times for a better life - with air and plants and sunlight.

It is bleak to watch the first episode where so much of 2149 is shown and to think that it might actually get that bad. Technology all over the place but people can't breathe the air.

Could that be what 100's of billions will look like?


  1. If you find a way back to 1761 I'm with you all the way! If we would start treating her better, mother earth will sustain us. Get rid of all the chemicals and GMO's and go back to the way God and nature intended us to be. Jeez how much more crap do people have to take before they say enough?

  2. That was a lovely commercial for overpopulation. They neglected to speak of the overuse of resources, however, or the fact that we'll all be living on top of one another. I think if we're all starving to death, we won't care so much how to fix our lawnmowers-if we even have lawns to mow. That's so ridiculous.