Wednesday, October 5

Random Homestead Happenings

Just a few random things.....

It seems we have been invaded by spiders. In the house and on the front porch and in the immediate vicinity of the sunflower garden. For new readers, I HATE spiders. I always have. They just freak me out, to use my nieces terminology, for some reason. I don't like to kill them but - GET OUT of my HOUSE!!!!!

BIG black spiders, about the size of a quarter are being found in the kitchen and bathroom. One was actually in the little man's bath. In his BATH!!!!! It must have fallen in the tub and it totally freaked him out too. It was s short bath that night.

No picture here - I refuse to look at closeup pictures of spiders on the internet.

As much as I am against chemicals, I insisted that Roy call an exterminator. I know how things would go if I didn't strongly insist - he would try to find and catch a spider, look it up on the internet, find out what attracts that type of spider and why it is in our house, and then spend hours researching the best non-chemical ways to get rid of them.

While this sounds completely logical and reasonable, there are still SPIDERS in my HOUSE!!!! All my logic has gone out the window and I want them GONE.

I INSIST very firmly.

Roy has been researching since Sunday.

Our cute friend the skunk was back in the coop last night when Roy went out to check the feed and water. He still does not seem to be doing any damage so maybe he just likes my nice, warm, comfy coop. As long as he doesn't do damage or spray anything, I am leaving him alone.

We still can not figure out if he is just coming and going through a small gap in the fence or if he actually lives somewhere in the shed. He is a pretty big guy, kind of a gentle giant, so I can not see how he can fit through the small gaps.

I have started taking a flashlight with me on the nights that I tend to the ladies just in case, since he likes to hide under the nest boxes. I also have a long broom handle by the food bins to reach into the coop and hook and lift the feeders to me - just in case the skunk is a little too close for comfort. As soon as the baby is born, the chickens, and the cat litter, will be back under my control so I am going to protect myself. Being sprayed would be a definite downside.

A sign of fall yesterday, all be it an annoying one. Our neighbors started shooting at about 1pm and did not let up until about 6. It seems a few different guns were involved and considering both parents were at work, it must have been the kids. At first I thought they were getting their sights ready and practicing. But how much sighting-in can a gun need?

After the first few hours of this, it was clear that either these people were breaking in every gun in the gun safe, or that they could not hit the broad side of the barn. Just when I thought things were done, a huge boom would go off and send me jumping. I was reminded of the old house. At least this time I knew what it was and where it was coming from, and not some drunk guy fighting with someone in the bar parking lot.

I am not against people hunting at all, but call me crazy, I just don't like to have to hear very loud gunshots all afternoon.

I have finished all the knitting, sewing and crochet projects that I had half-done, so now I have a nice thick over sized shawl to keep warm on the couch with and two new pairs of warm winter socks. Buttons have been re-attached to shirts, holes have been mended in pants and shirt sleeves and my oldest and most favorite flannel shirt has been patched and is ready for another season of keeping me warm and comfortable.

This is another chore off the list that has been bothering me - just sitting here on the back burner of my brain, haunting me.

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  1. are living a very exciting life...maybe not the kind of exciting anyone wants...spiders don't bother me...but a couple of my girls are terrified and scream that half the country hears them when they see one.

    Me it's mice and rats...I am terrified of those things...try not to the mind is a funny thing...I know it's ridiculous, but can't help is what it is LOL.

    Gun shots..I would be freaked out as well.

    Skunks...good grief you are brave...I would be calling the local SPCA to come and take care of it.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.