Tuesday, October 18

My Short CNN Fix

Being in the hospital for several days has afforded me time to do things that I don't normally do, such as watching CNN.

We got rid of our cable at the house a long while ago to save money and to get outselves away from the constant stream of reality tv, sitcom re-runs and endless news updates.

But here they have cable in every room and I was pretty much confined to the bed so I could heal up. And new babies sleep a lot. So what was I to do. I watched CNN.

I was reminded of why I don't normally watch the news. Even the local news. I just can't. Short of getting the weather report for planning purposes, I try very hard to not get involved in the news headlines. I find them depressing, sad, infuriating, and the cause of a great deal of unneccessary stress.

There are way too many things going on all over the world right now that people might just be better off not knowing about. I feel it adds to the worldwide anxiety vibe and just does not serve any purpose other than to get people worked up about something they can not do anything about 99% of the time.

It personally makes me feel absolutely helpless and has me thinking much less of the human race at the end of a half hour news report.

A while back when the President spoke on primetime tv, Roy asked me if I wanted to watch it. I said "Is he going to tell us that an asteroid is going to hit earth tomorrow? Are we being bombed by China later tonight?

Of course, he said "No."

Then I said "Than nothing he is going to say is going to effect my life and I don't need to get upset over things that I have no control over."

He watched, I went upstairs and read a magazine.

A very non-stressful edition of Mother Earth News if I remember correctly.

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