Monday, October 24

I Actually Have a Moment

My two and a half year old little man has finally crashed on his playmat and is snoring loudly. He is running a slight fever today and is in poor spirits overall. It took him forever to finally agree to a cuddle and a nap but I am hoping that whatever bug is inside him will be fought off during the restful nap.

My new little three week old girl is here next to me on the couch, sound asleep in her Boppy. She is still confused on how the world works in relation to day and night, so she is thoroughly on the wrong sleeping schedule. It allows for a little free time during the day when the planets align and both kids are napping simultaneously, but it leaves the nights with broken sleep for Roy and I.

So for the moment, I actually have a moment.

The rain is pouring down now on what I have decided will be a relaxing, still in our jammies day. The blinds are mostly closed and it is cozy here in my livingroom with the slight odor of the furnace burning off the last of whatever built up in the pipes over the summer. And of course, the smell of baby formula and dirty diapers. no matter how many times I empty the diaper pail, the smell lingers. The next few years should be great for the air freshener manufacturers and their bottom line.

I know it has been awhile so in catching up, the surgery went well and our little girl is strong and healthy. 4 days in the hospital and I came home to a not-that-messy house, and a lot of responsibility. Not to mention a mountain of laundry. Roy took all his vacation time so he had two weeks home with us which was wonderful. We orchestrated a double-team schedule for those two weeks and surprisingly no one was lost or ignored. Today is his first day back at work and after fighting off a major panic attack this morning I managed to make it to mid-afternoon.

My main problem was finding time for both kids - I want to play with the little guy and not just plop him down in front of the tv, but I also want to spend time with my new little girl and not just plop her in her bassinet. I have been working on a happy medium of holding her and being able to make a rather impressive block tower with the little man, and that seems to make them both happy.

I did get a rather fantastic piece of advice the other day - my little guy will remember this time but my new little girl won't. If she spends a little more time in the Boppy and I spend a little more time building block towers, it will not send her on a six-state bank robbery spree when she is 16. i just want both of my kids to happy and know they are loved.

As far as things around the homestead, it is slow going. Last Saturday I took the little man outside for a yard decor roundup. We hauled lawn chairs to the barn and put away the portable chicken pen for the winter. Lots of little odds and ends were taken care of with his help - and yes, he was actually very helpful. He especially enjoyed dumping the remains of the potted plants into the compost bin. We also closed up the cats outdoor area for the winter and removed the comforts of home to save for next year. Prince will have to do without for the colder months and since he is getting older, i don;t think it will be hard to convince him to stay inside in the warmth.

Other happenings which I will write about soon: we sent our 1963 2010 John Derre tractor out to be repaired, we removed the pellet stove and accepted delivery on our new wood burning stove which will be installed soon, and we have been enjoying the last of the green bell peppers from the garden in morning omelets.

Posts may be a little sporadic for a while since the planets do not align for the perfect nap situation often, but I will try.

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