Saturday, October 8

Cutting Back. (sorry Grit)

Why do we like getting stuff in the mail

I may be alone on this one but I look forward to the mailman. When I was little, walking down to get the mail with my Mom was part of the day. We were home - a lot, when I was little and it gave me something to look forward to. Granted, there was never really anything for me, but it broke up the day

Much, much later, I looked forward to getting my mail from the tiny rented PO box at the college post office. This time it was all for me. And after the accident in 2004 when I could not walk for months, listening for the mail truck and having Mom or Roy go out and bring in the mail was one of the highlights of my day. Something to do, something to look at, wondering if something I was waiting for would come.

Now that i am a stay at home Mom, it is again a highlight of the day. Especially since I subscribe to numerous magazines centered around homesteading, farming and green living. Having one show up in the box is like a present because I know that when i read through it, i will be inspired.

I will get great ideas and learn about new ways of doing the very oldest of things.

The thing is "when I read through it." It is getting harder and harder to find time to sit down for more than 5 minutes and read an article of any length. I find that I have the next months issue of something before I have finished last months. And although I love the information and ideas, there is only so much time I can take out of the day to read.

Me not having to sleep would solve this problem but since I have yet to bend the universe and reconfigure the human body and mind, I have to stay in the awake/sleep cycle of the average human.

So I am, sadly, cutting back. I am letting all but three of my subscriptions run out and they are just about all up at this time of year. Sorry Grit, I love you and the inspiration I draw from you, but your articles are geared more towards larger farms. Hobby Farms, you are wonderful, but I find that Hobby Farm Home is more my style right now.

In the end, I am only keeping three - Mother Earth News, Hobby Farm Home and World War II Magazine. (I am a World War II history fanatic and a girl can't live on canning recipes and DIY solar articles alone

So I may be getting less in the mailbox but I am gaining more in knowing that I can actually fit this lesser amount of quality reading into my day.

Have you cut back on magazines lately? Which ones did you keep? Was it for time reasons, financial concerns, inner struggle with too much 'junk mail'?


  1. Same here. I only have Mother Earth News and Mary Jane's Farm. I love Grit, Hobby Farms and Hobby Farm Home but it was too expensive. I look for the deal in the mail, not on the magazine's subscription page. Some, and only by special mail offer, will give you 2 subscriptions for the price of one. Sometimes you might negotiate with the magazine.

    Why not see who else is subscribing? Then you all can trade around if you find time or just read the articles recommended by neighbors. You could set up a magazine exchange of sorts if your library doesn't carry them, assuming you have a library close.

  2. I have let all my subscriptions run out...paying for a huge adoption bill, was way more I just "google" everything now LOL.


  3. Yes. Can't stand all the clutter. I too like Hobby Farms Home.