Tuesday, September 6

Tomato Sauce Part 2

Rewind to last Sunday evening....

With a hour left before my self-imposed, pregnant and needing sleep bedtime, I had enough time to smush up all those peeled Romas in the blender and get them ready to cook. And I needed space in my fridge. Even though I would be putting the results back into the fridge since I did not have enough time to cook the sauce that night, I thought that after all the blending, they would require less tupperware and therefore, less space.

I poured each tupperware-full into a strainer over the sink first since quite a bit of water/juice had made an appearance and I wanted non-juicy sauce. Then I filled the blender to capacity and used the milkskake setting. The blender made very quick work of the Romas and soon every tupperware that was filled with peeled tomatoes was filled with what actually already resembled pasta sauce, even though rather seedy. So much for fridge space.

Fast-forward to Labor Day morning.....

Since our BBQ was Saturday, I had Labor Day free. What a great, cool and rainy day. Such a welcome change from the horrible humidity and heat of Saturday and Sunday. I ended up using 4 pots because I thought that if there was just one huge put that the sauce on the bottom might burn. I turned the burners on to a low setting and waited for the contents to come to a slow boil. A VERY slow boil.

So far, so good. I went about my day, checking back to stir and stare periodically. The house smelled like sauce and was thinking about how good it would taste and look after a day of slow simmering - getting rid of all the juice so I would have nice thick, chunk-free sauce, just like Ragu.

But first I had to add the seasonings. This is where I sensed a little trouble coming. Given that each pot had between 32 and 42 cups of blended tomato, I needed to do some math, which you all know is far, far from my strong point. Even basic math makes my brain shut down completely. So I went to my go-to math problem solver. My husband, who has been blessed with the ability to multiply and use a calculator.

Below is my modified recipe. This could be where things fell apart.

I added the ingredients and watched as my sauce got darker from the pepper. It also started to smell pretty good thanks to the garlic and onion.

I kept it on a low boil, checking back periodically and putting covers on the pots to save time on splatter cleanup. (As you can see, I still have lots of clean up to do).

Fast Forward to Tuesday morning.....

After a full day of boiling, simmering, stirring and staring at the sauce on Labor Day, it did not look good. The house smelled like sauce - the whole house. But was a different smell - a darker, very slightly burnt smell. An evil sauce smell. And it will still runny.

Roy and I decided to turn the burners off overnight and leave the sauce on the stove. Maybe it would thicken overnight.

8:01 AM - the sauce does not look good. It is dark and runny. I think I will not have Ragu-like thickness. I will be lucky to get something that resembles tomato gravy. I am going to simmer, uncovered today and see what I get. Then I guess I will can what I can after I have Roy taste it.

As of right now, sitting here, trying to not notice the tomato smell, I think my first sauce attempt has failed miserably. And I never want to see another tomato again. Ever.

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  1. I have a manual food strainer that you dont have to skin the tomatoes and it has a screen that takes all the seeds and skin. It goes into a separate bowl while the juice all goes into another. It's really smooth. I put my sauce on for 10 hours and cooked it down on really low heat (slow cooker would do the same thing just leave the lid off). Then I tasted the sauce before I even added any spices. That way your spices wont overpower the sauce. I even made ketchup this way and it tastes great! Hope your sauce turned out good after all the effort :)