Tuesday, September 6

Tomato Sauce Part 1

Rewind to last Friday......

I have been waiting for this since I started all those Roma seeds in the basement. I waited for them to grow, for them to be ready to transplant, for them to show signs of fruit, for the fruit to actually turn red....

Now, with the tons of red Romas filling baskets and buckets and enamelware pans on my counter, I am ready for sauce. My dream: to make a thick, but smooth (no chunks of things) sauce for pasta and homemade pizzas that I can can and have for winter.

First step, boil and skin. Given that I have not done this since I helped my parents make sauce when I was about 10, I went to the go-to source for homesteading know-how - YouTube. I nice lady demonstrated how to boil and chill and skin a tomato for me and felt prepared to proceed.

I wonder if they know their fate...... (yes, I had many, many more tomatoes than this)

Time to boil. I boiled about 15 Romas at a time for about 25 seconds. Then I scooped them out and put them in the bowl of waiting ice water, leaving them for about 30 seconds so they would cool.
The Romas peeled very nicely. Here you can see my complicated, three stage process of cool water, peeled tomatoes and skin deposit area.

More tomatoes awaiting "the process"....

It took me about 2 hours, maybe a little more, to process all these Roma's but it was actually quite fun. It was fast, but a little messy.

Note: the reason I chose Romas in the first place was because I read they had minimal seeds inside and not a lot of excess juice. I don't like seedy, runny sauce. Turns out that Romas are as full of seeds as any other tomato, but he juice was pretty minimal.

I ended up with all this:
Peeled Roma tomatoes ready to go in the blender and then in the pot. But they would have to wait since Roy volunteered our house for an early Labor Day BBQ. I had a feeling that it would take a long time on the stove to boil down the sauce to the thickness I wanted.

Little did I know........

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