Tuesday, September 20

Random Updates

The sauce looks dark and evil - like in my ignorance of making pasta sauce, the tomatoes got angry and I ended up brewing a concoction worthy of a Halloween Haunted House cauldron. I am going to let it sit for a couple of months than crack open a jar and see what happens. I gave a jar to my Dad to crack in a few months - maybe I will wait to see his thoughts before I feed it to Roy and the little man.

I do not think I am going to make sauce again next year. For one thing, i do not know what I am doing. And, trying to grow that many tomato plants is just a little stressful for right now without the proper support systems or time. Next season, I am sticking to what I know - peas, beans, potatoes and pumpkins.

We have had a few visitors lately who are very interested in my chickens. Out in the yard this past weekend, we had a ladies out free-ranging with us when a small hawk came swooping down sending the ladies scattering and squawking. No one was injured and the hawk retreated, defeated. I put the ladies back in their pen and they seemed happy to go.

Then this morning I was in the kitchen and heard a commotion out by the coop. All the ladies were squawking and cackling, all bunched up in the corner of the outside pen (why they did not go in their coop, I do not know). I walked out into the yard and noticed a very large golden colored hawk perched on top of my solar panels deciding on who would be breakfast. Some shouting on my part sent the hawk flying. good thing we have a cover of netting over the outdoor pen!

I am currently on week 36 of pregnancy-watch. Mostly I am just "watching" my midsection and rear end get bigger and bigger. I have now been told that i can not mow my lawn, use the weed trimmer or do just about anything else in the yard that I usually enjoy. Same with house work. I have been spending my lots-of-lazy-time thinking about next years garden and building block towers with the little man. Inactivity makes me crazy.

I have been collecting and saving the seeds from my Cosmo plants since they seem to do so well here. I am starting things that I know spread, but that I can control, around the yard to act as ground cover in places that are hard to get to. Tiger lilies are another favorite for "filler that is pretty." Does anyone know how to save the seeds from Purple Cone flower?

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