Friday, September 2

Pregnancy Update

I have now transitioned into the penguine waddle.

My tummy is huge, it is hard to do just about everything, and a full nights sleep is a distant memory. Every joint, muscle, ligament is either swollen or aching.

And I am constantly hungry.

Week 34 is here.

I am ready to be done with being pregnant as I am just about out of clothes at fit and even going to the bathroom is quite an expedition. Especially when I have to go about 7 times a night and I must navigate the mess of toys and other floor obstacles to reach the bathroom in the dark.

One of the hardest parts has been my lack of energy since I can not keep up with the little man. I want to run around the yard with him but it is just too much right now and I feel I am neglecting him in some way. I want to pick him up, give big hugs and generally be a Mom, but I have to be constantly on guard with my tummy. He likes to kick and play, and his hugs are usually full force tackles. It bothers me that I have to keep constantly reminding him to "be careful of Mommy's tummy....".

The baby's room has been painted and the curtains made. I have been going though little mans clothes to see waht will work with a little girl and I have been looking at garage sales for neutral and natural colored clothes. I refuse to buy anything with pink, glitter or anything that has been bedazzled in any way.

In regards to being pregnant and my reading material of late, I have been thinking a lot about women who survived on their distant homesteads back in the 1880's and I just do not know how they did it. They had daily, mostly all-day chores to do and they were not aided by a washing machine or a microwave. I find it hard to get around just our two acres, difficult to carry laundry up to the second floor, and just about impossible to find a comfortable position to weed, do the dishes or sleep. I want to mow the lawn and use the electric trimmer on the yard shrubs and my doctor tells me to "take it easy". How must it have been to be in fields all day working?

All I need to do is look through my genealogy information to see that the conditions lead to infant deaths and miscarriages. My step-Great Grandmother was a step mother to 6, mother to 10, and had at least 2 still births. I can look through cemeteries while doing research and see how many children died in the 1800's and early 1900's. I think she was almost always pregnant or getting pregnant or recovering from being pregnant.

Maybe I am too soft, being raised int eh 1980's and 1990's, and being pregnant in the 21st century. Not that I want to move to Alaska and give birth alone in a cabin, but I think I need to change my attitude just a little. I can handle this. If those women could endure it all, than surely I can.

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