Wednesday, September 28

Lehman's Shopping Discoveries

While ordering some Amish made leather belts for Roy on the Lehman's website the other day I thought i would look around and see what else they had.

Don't get me started on Roy's belts - he has yet to fine one that will stand up to his abuse. I will let you know how the Amish ones do.

But that is not the point. The point is I was looking through the Home Goods and laundry section and I found this:

A Farmhouse Scented Natural Dryer Sachet

A great idea, of course, but I wondered what does "Farmhouse Scented" actually smell like. I did not order one just in case it was not the smell I was looking for, but I still wondered.

My immediate thought was it must smell something like a mix between lavender and linens, which would be nice. But it could be just about anything.

Not that Lehman's would sell a dryer sachet that smells bad but my imagination wandered.....

What does a farmhouse scented anything smell like?

Freshly tilled fields?
Baking bread?
Cow manure?
Bee Balm?
The chicken coop?
A mud room?
A pantry full of spices?

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