Saturday, September 24

He's Back

Our friend was back again tonight in the chicken coop. I went to fill the fonts and feeders and there he was, sniffing around the nest boxes.

This skunk is a very curious little guy.

He seems to be afraid of the chickens, very shy and, yes, pretty darn cute. He is definitely a striped skunk, as I got a great look at him tonight. He does not smell - at all. I was always under the impression that skunks smelled all the time, whether they were spraying or not, but after looking around online tonight, I learned that they have no odor until they actually spray.

So what to do......

He does not seem to pose a threat to the chickens and from the first time I saw him until how there has only been one egg eaten. He has not sprayed anything and seems to disappear overnight.

For now, I am going to go with the live and let live approach. I will stay out of his way if he stays out of mine.

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