Wednesday, September 7

A Day in the Life....

I know my tomato sauce posts bounced all over the place as far as dates go, but Labor Day was more than just sauce and tomato smells.

I did not do anything fantastic, just a semi-normal day since Roy had the day off and I was able to do more house things and a few errands. Hence, here is A Day in the Life.....

I woke up to the sounds of Mr. Prince having a hairball somewhere in the bedroom.

With my eyes not wanting to open, I just hoped really hard that it was just on the floor and not on one of my flip flops, which are his usual favorite target. Roy had gotten up with the little man a couple hours earlier so I could get some rest, but shortly after the hairball, I decided that it was time to get up - at the late hour of 8 AM.

Breakfast and getting the sauce started in the pots, then laundry, dishes, vacuuming up Cheerios, maneuvering around a ton of toys all over the floor - typical stuff. Then I did what every wife and mother does when their husband had a day off - send him on an errand with the kid. We needed milk and bread and we had some bottles to return so I packed Roy and the little man off to Wegmans while I finally managed to change out of my jammies and then sweep the kitchen.

Turns out that Labor Day is one of the busiest bottle-return days of the year. Roy said there were lines. Long lines. The lady at the glass return counter said they already had 29,000 bottles returned and it was before lunch. Must be all the wives and mothers out there have the same idea when their husbands get a day off.

As I was sweeping, I got a call from my sister-in-law who was putting her kids and husband to work cleaning out the garage. She had a little tykes kitchen and table set for the little man and wanted me to come over and get it. Who was I to turn down a free kitchen set!?!?! Granted, it is traditionally a girls toy but the little man likes to pretend-cook.

After Roy and little man came back from the store with their tales of long lines, I got in the car and started over to what amounts to the other side of our county. About a 40 minute drive, even on the expressways. And it was raining - pouring, heavy rain that made it hard to hear the radio and required the wipers to be on high.

This was like a little vacation for me. Just me and the car. Listening to loud music with questionable lyrics.

I had to go through the main city in the middle of our county, and even though it was on the expressway loop and not the downtown streets, I still hated it. I hate having to go anywhere near the city for any reason. It is dirty, noisy and not at all a place I want to explore. The pounding rain that I had driven through had already passed over this part of the expressway and on every drainage grate there were small piles of garbage that the hard rain had washed together. Disgusting piles of styrofoam containers, empty bottles, articles of clothing, 5 gallon buckets, old shoes and garbage of every type.

As I got out of the city and back into a more suburban/country area there were the soaking wet, furry remains of what were once some types of small animals on the sides of the road. I could not distinguish one type from another except for one rather large raccoon and one that was definitely a skunk at one time from the smell that came through the open vents on the car.

This is why I really don't like to go out much. It is just too depressing for me. I just wonder about the kinds of people that are inhabiting this world alongside me and I really start to lose hope.

After picking up the kitchen set, I drove home with the radio off. I wanted to get back and check on my sauce, which turns out was just as runny as when it went into the pot and showed no signs of thickening. Despite Roy's assurances that it was good (he even poured a little over his dinner of leftover hamburgers from the BBQ), I felt like I was losing ground fast.

The rest of the day was spent worrying over the sauce and working on a pair of knitted socks for my Mom's Birthday this week. The general chores of collecting the eggs, doing yet another sink full of dishes and trying to give Prince his hyper-thyroid pill I guess could be considered the icing on my daily life cake.

Finally, after watching a Netflix episode of The World Without Us (apparently our pigs will evolve into a very smart version of the feral cat) I headed to bed, tired and worn out.

I like to read a little before bed. Tonight I wanted to finish up the latest issue of Grit Magazine. It was when I reached for it on the nightstand that I finally found Prince's hairball. Now I will never know the details of how to improve my soil or how to sell timber.

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