Tuesday, August 30


Ground Bees:
Roy - "Did your father come over and spray chemicals on those bees when I was out of town last week?"
Me - "No, why?"
Roy - "They seem to be all gone."
Me - "Good"

***(Side Note) -
Roy - "Did your father till the garden rows when I was out of town last week?"
Me - "Yes."
Roy - "I was going to do that, ya know."
Me - "That was three weeks ago."

Looks like the DT Earth and old door screen I used worked and I am still alive to report about it. I am still not going over in that area of the yard, especially with the little man, until I am sure. I will try to mow that grass later tonight and see if I am attacked by anything.

We did not get any effects of the hurricane, short of what would be considered just another windy and slightly rainy day. Watching videos and television shows that our neighbors in Vermont seemed to be swamped with horrible weather which makes me feel very lucky that the only things I had to clean up were my watering cans that blew around the yard. And I had to retrieve the Happy Hippo Kids Wading Pool from the neighbors field.

So far there have been no returns. I lost 1 egg, but he so nicely left me the shell in case I wanted it for something. I still wonder why I didn't smell anything that day. I thought that you could smell a skunk even when they have not sprayed, but all i could smell that night was chicken poo. Our dogs got sprayed by a skunk once when we first moved here and it was just plain awful. My poor girls stunk for weeks, the house stunk for weeks and they had white fur so with all the tomato juice, they were a muted shade of orange-pink.

Not a result of Irene, but our internet has been down. And, my blog lost its formatting for some reason so I had to re-do a lot of the colors and layout. I am still not happy with it and I would love to have the time and knowledge to create a fancy farmer page. But this will do for now.

I think I have gotten all i am going to from the garden this year, short of tomatoes and beans, which have suddenly taken off. I will pick my small sampling of gourds and just let the zucchini and cucumber vines trail off. I had NO cucumbers this year. Not one. I maybe will have 5 zucchini for the season. I think that might be a new record considering that I can usually build a small log-like cabin from all the ones I usually get.

My one "pumpkin" for fall this year. A little Lumina.

One of three decorative squashes. (At least they are orange).

I show you the above picture, however embarrassing, to emphasise that I have no idea what I am doing at any of this homesteading stuff. This is the best an 8-month pregnant lady can do with a two and half year old who likes to pick anything - ready for harvest or not. Add that to lack of proper materials and an obvious lack of tomato knowledge. I try to make myself feel better by thinking that at least some of the tomatoes are red.

He is taking his new medication like a big boy and he seems to be eating again. After about a week of the first chewable-treat pill, he was throwing up constantly and not eating. Now he seems to have an appetite back and he just has his usual hair balls. he did lose a few pounds so I am treating him to lunch meats and cooked chicken. His addiction to fresh grass has proven quite irritating lately as his inside potted grass has died and I, bad Mom that I am, did not have another one already seeded and growing. He voices his disapproval loudly and frequently.

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  1. Ha! That garden tilling conversation could happen at my house!! Very funny. Wow! You have a whole lot of tomatoes! Regardless of how the plants look you should be proud of the surplus. :-)