Wednesday, August 3

My New Iron (for display purposes only)

I found this at a yard sale for $10. No markings on it, just an awesome chicken closure. I just had to have it as it fit my criteria for home decor - it is heavy, solid, one-useful, obviously used, and you want to look at it for more than 30 seconds. The fact that it had a chicken clasp was a total bonus.

The charcoal iron was developed in the mid to late 1800's as a step up from the sad-iron, which even though allowed three irons to be warm at once, they still cooled quickly. The charcoal iron was filled with smoldering coals to keep a consistant heat, but it did get rather smoky and needed 'fanning' to keep the coats hot.

"Family charcoal irons, with removable top and hardwood handle with shield... Use ordinary charcoal as fuel, is easily regulated to any desired heat and does away with the hot fire on ironing day. Weight, 7 pounds." Sears Catalog 1902


  1. I have a sad iron and use it to prop open doors. They sure are heavy. Our grandmothers must have had muscles like Popeye!

  2. Denise - I love using them as door stops too! A perfect alternative to the little plastic triange things people created to smash under doors.