Tuesday, August 23

I've Got a Problem Here......

The other day while mowing the lawn I discovered that we have yet another infestation if ground bees this year. They seem to have appeared overnight and they are swarming all over the little hill by the barn.

Taking advice from the Internet, I put an old door screen over the hole and then Roy put a bunch of that Diatomaceous earth powder all over the screen and surrounding area. This just seemed to make them very, very angry and I stayed away from them.

Here we are a day later and the little stinkers have dug themselves a new hole. A BIG hole. And there seem to be even more of them.

My plan tonight is to get dressed in thick layers, remove the screen from the old hole, dump a ton of the DE on the new, big hole and cover the whole thing with the screen and a few rocks.

If I am still among the living after this attempt, I will post on the outcome.

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